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Where we are

Hammerstad Camping lies in the municipal of Vågan in the northern part of Lofoten, approx. 10 kilometers north of Svolvær - in Austensfjorden. This is where the Lofotfishing and the World Championship in Codfishing takes place.
Hammerstad is surrounded by magnificant mountains!

How to get here

From Svolvær airport (Helle) and in to Svolvær town centre, it is 5.4 km - about 6-12 mins drive by car.

From Svolvær airport, and in to Vaterfjord/Hammerstad Camping it is about 4.7 km - about 5-10 mins drive by car.

For transportation information: Svolvær Airport To/From Airport.

Car rental is available. There is no airport bus, but you can take a taxi.

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